Gtech Clean One Step Disinfectant Gallon 128 oz

Gtech Clean One Step Disinfectant Gallon 128 oz

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GTech Clean is a clear, colorless, antimicrobial solution that is safe for application on soft and hard surfaces including glazed ceramic, laminated surfaces, metal, upholstery, vinyl, and plastic. Application to surfaces produces an invisible, transparent and durable antimicrobial film that will not transfer on contact with other surfaces and is non-leaching on contact with water or solvents, and produces no chemical vapors.

GTech Clean kills mold and mildew and destroys bacteria providing a lasting antimicrobial barrier of protection to the area for up to 5 days.

As a disinfectant, GTech kills: Covid-19, MRSA, Human Coronavirus, Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia Coli, Hepatitis C Virus HCV, Herpes Simplex Virus 1 & 2, Influenza Virus Type A Hong Kong, SARS Associated Coronavirus (cause of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Avian Influenza Virus H3N2, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Ringworm, Mold, Mildew.

For Educational, Medical, Health Care, Gym, Industrial, Commercial Facilities, Senior & Day Care, Rest Rooms, Airports, Automotive, Transportation, Hotel and Restaurants, Salons, and other facility use.